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Membership (Free) - The best option for SA riders who want to join a community working to improve riding conditions. Membership includes:
  • Advocacy - members add support to our advocacy work.
  • Information - on fun community events, network improvements and detours, Government actions, current campaigns, cycling tips, and opportunities to have your say. We try to keep our emails to once a month. Follows us on Facebook for more regular updates.
  • Advice - our committee is always happy to hear from you, whether you have a question or an idea.
  • Encouragement - we will always make you feel proud to cycle!
  • Community - knowing you aren't alone and that choosing to cycle makes sense.
  • Influence - you can vote to elect our committee and contribute in other ways if you like.
Subscriber (Free) - The best option for anyone involved in news, media, Government, consultancy etc who wants to keep up to date with regular cycling news in SA. Subscribers receive:
  • Our monthly newsletter - Pedal Update
  • Other news via email.
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